Why am I starting this blog?

I’ve been thinking Rick Nortzabout starting a blog for a few years now. In my day to day activities, I’m in front of HVAC contractors discussing the benefits of installing more Ductless Heat Pumps. I am constantly discussing best practices from an     application and sales point of view, but more importantly, new ideas about how to generate more leads and sales.

I learn as much from the contractors that I visit, as I hope I am able to share with them. At the end of some of my visits, several people have recommended that I start writing down these ideas. The purpose of this blog is to start documenting some of the ideas that I share, but more importantly to document some of the great ideas that are shared with me. My hope is to create a plan that contractors to follow, to help them become more successful and more profitable.

Now is the time to start

Ductless heat pumps are the fastest growing segment of the HVAC Industry. I will discuss the reasons why it is has been growing so rapidly for the last 5 years, and why now is the time for contractors to become experts selling, installing and servicing these products. In 10 years, everyone will be installing and servicing these, just like they do with central air conditioning and boilers in the Northeast.

I have helped companies go from having never sold a ductless heat pump to selling over a hundred a year. There are other companies that I have helped go from selling 20-30 per year to selling 150-200 systems per year. This is life changing for some of these guys. I knew I was on to something, when a few years ago, one of my contractors looked me in the eyes and told me that selling my product had saved his company from bankruptcy. That means that his 20 employees and their families still had a job and a home.

Stay tuned to weekly posts about how and why you should build your ductless heat pump business now.

One comment on “Why am I starting this blog?
  1. David Hazel says:

    Congrats on the launch of your blog! Great start and best of luck as it rolls along. Ductless is growing rapidly and yes, it’s helping many contractors save their businesses. Here, you will continue to help them grow by sharing great ideas on success and possibilities. Follow your calling, share and be amazing!

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