Book Review 2: The Power of Consistency by Weldon Long

Power of Consistency

Weldon Long is a man with an extraordinary story of struggle early in his life followed by amazing success for the last decade or so.  His life took a turn for the worst, when he was involved in a robbery in Colorado, then was in and out of prison for 13 years.  This cycle continued to repeat itself until his father’s death changed him and he dedicated the rest of his life to improve his life.  I have been lucky enough to have attended training by Weldon Long several times, and I can readily admit that he has changed my life.  His first book, The Upside of Fear is an autobiography of his life from struggles to success.   His second book The Power of Consistency is his step-by-step process to achieve your goals beyond your wildest dreams.

Change your mindset

One of my realizations after reading this book and attending Weldon’s training classes, was that if you don’t change your mindset, you can’t change anything.  He calls it your box.  You can only use what’s in your box (mind), to create success or failure.  If you have a mindset of failure (excuses), then you can only achieve failure.  Conversely, if you change what’s in your box to thoughts of success, then you eventually start to achieve success.  The saying that he often uses, that most affected me was, “It’s easy to achieve a goal, it’s just a little easier not to.”  One of the reasons that I started this blog, was because I set it as a goal after attending his In-Home Sales two day seminar.  I applied his process, and thankfully started my blog, after thinking about it for over a year and a half.

Power of Focus

The goal setting part of the equation is only one step.  It’s important that you not only make them achievable, but write them down as if you have already achieved them.  Weldon calls this your “Prosperity Plan”.  Spend some time thinking about what is important in your life and imagine what it would be like, if you already achieved your goal.  Consider your Prosperity Plan your map to success.  You write down what you want to achieve, then break it down into the steps necessary to achieve that goal.  For example, if your goal is to loose weight it could look something like this.

  • Goal:  I weigh between 195 and 200 pounds.
    • I walk 10,000 steps every day
    • I eat more fruits and vegetables and less desserts
    • I eat less bread, rice and pasta
    • I drink 8 glasses of water every day

Notice that the main goal is written as if you have already achieved it.  The sub-steps use action verbs that have to be done to achieve the goal.  I know that this works, because this is what I put on my Prosperity Plan a year ago.  Over the last 12 months, I lost a lot of weight and have achieved this goal.

Power of Consistency

Goal setting is one of the things that most people do once a year around January 1st.  Unfortunately for most, it only lasts about two weeks, until something gets in the way and derails you from your goals.  Once you’ve fallen off the wagon, if you don’t have a system in place, you will rarely get back up.  Very sad really.  The nice part of Weldon’s plan, is that this is a system.   The key component of the system is that once you have written your Prosperity Plan, you dedicate 15 minutes of quiet time every day to review it.   You are not just reviewing words, you are reviewing a promise that you made to yourself.  By introducing the consistency part, you are making it a part of who you are.  After you review it over and over again, you start to program your mind to expect these outcomes.   Once you have programmed your mind, you will start to feel uncomfortable if your actions are not in congruence with your Prosperity Plan.

It’s fine to set goals, but if you don’t review them daily, then your chances of success are slim.  As Weldon explains, if you write down what you want to achieve, and review it every day, you only have two choices.  Start making decisions necessary to achieve your goals, or change your goals.  If you found it in your heart to write down your goals in the first place, usually you would rather achieve your goals, than change them.

How does this apply to ductless?

 “Your thoughts drive your emotions,

Your emotions drive your actions.  

Your actions drive your results.”

 – Weldon Long

 If you are reading this, then you recognize the tremendous opportunity before you by focusing on ductless heat pumps.  You should know by now how much more profitable you can be by growing this segment of the business.  If you read this book, you will understand that by changing your mindset and using the power of focus and consistency, you can achieve your goals.  Now don’t just talk about it with your employees.  Change your mindset, change your culture, and achieve success.  Good Luck.

WHAT BUSINESS BOOK TO YOU APPLY THE PRINCIPLES OF EVERY DAY?  Please let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Weldon Long says:

    Great synopsis! Folks don’t often understand how important the mindset is to success in our industry. Keep up the great work!

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